I usually don’t devote an e-blast to the last webinar held, but this one was so off the charts with such pertinent information that I just had to update you all. Believe me when I say that our understanding was broadened exponentially. The clarity of how and why systemic racism still exists today is vital to the expansion of our awareness and consciousness.


Here are the highlights:


1) Racism is defined as “prejudice, discrimination or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular ethnic or religious group, typically one that is minority or marginalized.”

In today’s world, that includes sex, sexual identity, religious beliefs and even political party.


2) It began with Adam and Eve. Eve was the first minority discriminated against. Women, until just recently, were considered property of their husbands.


3) Popes and the Catholic church, through the years, have given their blessing to the murder/genocide of millions of indigenous (inferior) people “in the name of God.”


4) The thirst to own land and product created the “permission” to the chosen ones (white males) to kill, capture and enslave the “lesser” people (anyone not a white male.)


5) Hitler patterned the genocide of the Jews after “the American genocide of the Native American.”


6) The primary founders of our constitution all owned, and traded, slaves for land and property.


7) If you follow the history throughout the years, you can see why the southern states today are still passing laws to restrict the “un-chosen” to vote. You can also see the deep roots in how religion parted ways with God’s message, and gave “the chosen ones” the right to be dominant over all other cultures and races.


There was more. Oh, so much more.


We all really got a deep, visceral experience in how we have arrived, in 2021, at the same action, in more refined ways, that people have been carrying out since the beginning of time. It is part of our DNA.


It is up to us to redirect our belief systems so the world can raise its consciousness to the level of love and true equality. It begins with you and me. The world is waiting for us to pick up the flame and create a world of acceptance, love and equality.


Answer the call.