it’s the day after The United States Presidential election. Many people are celebrating. Many people are in shock. How did we come to be a nation so divided, and so at odds with our fellow Americans?

Again, the channel is saying that we have an opportunity here: an opportunity to study the dark and the light wolf within all of us, and to decide which one we want to feed.

I am not talking about candidates. I am talking about us. Where are we not living our highest ideals, where are we blaming others, where are we angry and fearful and not in harmony with the peace we desire? Where are those hidden feelings of prejudice and bigotry that we have the opportunity to discover and, at last, redefine?

The gift of creation is choice. No one, and no thing, can take that from us. It is always given away by us. So what, through choice, will we create now? Will we run to live in other countries, live in fear of upcoming decisions, and resent those we may not agree with? Or will we rise to acknowledge where we need to create, and create again, in Unity?

One choice creates a hell for us to live in. One choice creates a heaven of continued creation and involvement for us to be a part of. Choose creation, and know that the Universe responds to the charge you put out.

Blessings, Dee