It occurred to me, rather suddenly and blatantly, how the subject of “home” has recurred in my acting/healing careers. I’m from Kansas, where “There’s no place like home.” I was caught in a car in Cujo and “couldn’t get home.” I starred with a little alien whose sole journey was to “get back home.” And all my healing work has been focused on “getting to the true home of Self.” So I decided to ask the channel about the highest information re: HOME.


The highest state of being “HOME” is when we know we are whole, complete and perfect in every way.


The easiest way to access that is to live in joy and love. Keeping your heart and your chakras open and balanced allow you to feeeeeeel “HOME.” Being “HOME” is a choice. Wherever you go … there you are. HOME lives within you, because it is the essence of you. HOME is who you are.


I am thrilled to say I am HOME most of the time now, whether I’m in Alaska or South Africa. I am HOME within me. It’s a beautiful, homey place where I know I am loved, and safe, and cared for. Because I Am my own home. And my HOME … is me.