There have been many times I have reignited my life…found my light again…lit my light anew.

Some were conscious choices, like choosing to move to New York from Kansas City to seek my fame and fortune. Some were not so conscious choices, like choosing to pick myself up after my father’s suicide in high school and the sudden death of my husband at 55.

I have lived, as most of us have, a life of highs and lows. The one catalyst that I can say unequivocally made the difference is when I finally learned two principles:

1) I have power over me and my own choices

and 2) I must choose to use that power.

When I exercise my right to choose and define me as who I want to be, my light is consistent and fueled with enough force to reignite Itself or shine and expand even brighter.

There is another constant that, when in place, encourages and supports the above: self-love. It took me a long time to give myself permission to love myself. I had been taught to love others, and I was quite good at giving myself up to do that.

But it is when I really understood that if we are made in the image and likeness of God, and God is Love, then we have a duty to love ourselves in the highest way so we may actually BE the love we share.

That allows us to always choose what is good for us, powerful for us, fulfilling for us so that we have the energy, joy, health and abundance to share and affect the world.

When we choose to love ourselves and choose to create what we want, our lives are continually reignited.

When we experience our magnificence, we reignite the world.


I am BEYOND EXCITED to be one of the Key Speakers at the summit conference Reignite Your Life. Robin Rose and Joelle St. Germaine are sponsoring this amazing event.

I have done several of these weekends in the past, and I cannot recommend this event more highly. They always have amazing speakers, great community, lots of fun and music, and multiple opportunities for you to receive clarity, understanding and expansion.

If there is anyway you can attend this conference DO IT!