First, let’s unplug from the word God, although in our community the definition of God is: all thought and all possibility.


God is also called Love (It’s highest definition), The Creative Force, The One Energy, All That Is etc… It doesn’t matter what the TERM is. It matters what the EXPERIENCE is.


The first “experience” I had of God was when I was a little girl, and I was finally given permission to own a dog. We rescued a puppy, and the love and bond I had with her was indescribable. It’s as if we were one entity. Forever, dogs have been an easy access to The God Experience for me.


And then…there came Gabrielle. My baby. My baby I had hoped for, worked for, dreamed of for years. My baby that I loved unconditionally before she was ever conceived. I was consumed by a kind of love I really never knew existed. And through that connection, I experienced God again: that oneness with bliss and peace and love that has no boundaries and no measurement. That day, when Gabrielle was in my arms, I met God all over again.


And then, I met her last week. I experienced the Oneness with all that Is. The power. The softness. The filled cup, the bliss, the knowing. And I got back to that experience by loving … me. By acknowledging my magnificence, my kindness, my giving, my service … by acknowledging Who I Am. And through that experience of loving me, I met The Great Love all over again.


Now I understand what the light within me is. And how to use it to Be God, and be One with The One. Now I know the experience doesn’t depend on anyone or anything else. It just depends on the love I have for me in the highest form love can present Itself in. Unconditional. All-consuming. Blissful and ecstatic. It’s real my friends. It is real and it is magnificent. And the world is waiting. Come play!



“God has entrusted me with myself.”