I want to take this opportunity to outline for you everything we know about the Creation Process:


1) You are the God/Creator of You

2) Everything is Energy

3) Energy is Neutral and must be directed

4) Energy is directed by our CHOICE of thoughts, feelings, perspectives, and beliefs

5) The most powerful tool we have in Creation is Love

6) We know we are working with energy in all dimensions and space/time continuum

7) We choose, direct, commit, feel love, and then trust the Universe to create miraculous things with us

8) We stay in our Knowing and trust

9) We let go


In each subject of your life, see if the above is applied. If not, redirect yourself.


And remember, “I Am the Powerful God of Me that is creating all the above in each subject in my life” is paramount to accept. Then all direction is consciously accepted as complete.


Let’s make 2022 an amazing year!





The Channel is requesting that we do this in our meditations or our morning practices daily please!


“ALL ENERGY I claim & direct: For all negative signals that have taken over & affected our energetic systems in any way, I direct you back to the light of Divine Love, to become Divine Love, to express yourself as Divine Love, joy, peace, abundance, wellness, success & compassion for all energy. I ask (demand) that all energy partner with me in the creation of this now & consistently. I express deep thanks & gratitude for this partnership & creation to Divine Love! I open my heart to all new possiblities. I allow this transformation now & consistently! I claim I Am God, & I am safe to create. & so it is.”