It’s kind of making me nuts. I can’t seem to communicate to you how to consciously say/claim/direct what you want.


As long as I say, “I can’t”… then I won’t.

I have to say, “I know exactly how to communicate the process of creating what we want.” This directs myself to KNOW HOW and that opens up possibilities for me to explore and I take steps forward.



Ask yourselves:

1) What do I want? and 

2) What do I keep SAYING to myself about what I want?

Are you saying I Know, I’m Clear, I am creating this, I am creating this NOW, this is possible, I deserve this, I am worthy to create this, The Whole Universe is working with me to create this, etc., etc.?

Remember, what you think/speak GIVES YOUR BRAIN AND ENERGY A CLEAR DIRECTION to follow.

You must train yourself to state what you want AND that you are creating it now: Turn, “I want money” into “I create money.” Then expand it to, “I easily create money now and it feels great!” “I love all the money I am creating.” The ultimate claim: I Am Money. This means you are directing your energy and your brain to KNOW you are, literally, the frequency of money.

Apply this to health, success, relationships, etc..

Then feeeeeeeeeeel love around all you are creating. Be excited. Because, if you have all the above in place, the world must respond. And it does.

If you’ve lost something, claim you’ve found it. If you hate someone, claim you love them. STATE WHAT YOU WANT AS YOU HAVE IT!!

I claim that I communicated this information clearly, and that you all got it, and most importantly, practice it! I rock. You rock. And we are Conscious Creators. 


“Think only on these things
-Jesus Christ