We need a lot more of it. We need to laugh … giggle … fart … belch … and just, well, let it rip. The challenge with allowing ourselves to do this is … we think we need a reason!


Let’s just look at that belief: I need a reason to laugh. Which extends out into: I need a reason to be happy. That presents quite a conundrum in a world of self-quarantine, job layoffs, food shortages and shut downs. That means we have a choice between two things: holding on to needing a reason, OR choosing to create our own happiness. Now, that might seem a simple choice, but it creates our reality in every moment of now and the future. Do I choose happiness today? Or do I choose depression today?


What is more important is knowing that whichever state you choose, that has an electrical signal that we send out to The Universe that matches it in experience. So simple. Feel happy get more happy. Feel depressed get more depressed.


Here’s a great little exercise to prove to you that you don’t need a reason to feel happy:

Stand up.

Stomp your feet and pump your fists up and down like a toddler having a temper tantrum.

Say, “I’m so happy I am happy! I am so happy I am happy!”

Repeat five or six times.


I bet you’re laughing by now. And I bet you feel happier and lighter. FOR NO REASON. So make a choice, find some funny movies, watch a sitcom, play with your furry friend, or find someone to give to. But be happy!


Your life depends on it!


“Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.”

 -Mark Twain