When I was in Nashville for the convention, I was stricken (hear that word?) with a severe (hear that word?) of laryngitis. Not a great place to lose your voice…all you do all day is interact with fans.


So, I want to take you through the process I went through dealing with it:

1) The first place was: what medication can I get?

2) The second place was: what energetically was behind it?

3) The third place was: questioning what doctor I should see for help


I laid down for what I hoped was a restful nights sleep, and as I was drifting off, I heard these words: “Aren’t you the healer of yourself? Don’t YOU create your health?” I smiled a sleepy smile. Ah, yes. That is indeed what we are claiming/directing ourselves to know and to be and to do. I went to my love place, and I stated: “I Am healing myself right now. I Am the source of health right now. Tomorrow, I feel great.” I closed my eyes and drifted off.


I awoke on Sunday, still with no voice (as you heard on the show) AND feeling great. I attended the last day of the show and took a four-hour plane ride home. In bed, I felt into my love, and stated the directions again. And I stated with conviction, “I know this is possible.”


On Monday I awoke with almost a full voice and great energy. I even worked out with my trainer!


I believe this is what we are all asking of our God selves right now: to know we are the power. We have been trained to defer that power away from ourselves. Let’s all start playing with this new intention of self-healing. It is, indeed, the final frontier in claiming our I Am Presence of Power!