So, how are you all doing with really accepting and knowing you are God? If there is still some resistance, acknowledge it, and redirect it. Again, this is so important to our work because we must KNOW we are in charge of energy in order to direct it … and in order to get the results we want!


If a director gives me a direction on the set, but I know he really doesn’t have the power to stand by that direction, or I sense that it isn’t HIS power that is in charge of the direction, I lose faith and respect for that director. The power of his direction becomes minimized for me.


All energy responds in the same way. So it is the umbrella belief over all directions that must be in place: I Am the God and creator of Me and this is my choice and direction that must be followed. Then the true power of our I Am Presence is behind our creation and manifestation. The energy does not argue, dismiss, or belittle in any way the direction given.


Love yourself enough to embrace the greatness of who you are: I Am the God of Me clearly choosing and directing all energy, and that energy respects, honors, and completes my direction with joy and love!




“What I wanted to hear didn’t exist, so it was necessary for me to go out and create it.”
 -Richard Thompson