Well, I don’t feel like that in this moment. So I know there is a big, fat, awesome pony in the quagmire of poop and confusion that I am in. I want the pony.  Let’s get started.
1) I know I have taken a hit
2) That hit has confused and upset my energy
3) I am feeling victimized
4) I know this is not the energy that creates for me
5) I choose to get myself the hell out of it, even though I am not really feeling positive about that choice right now.

I have to ask myself what I really want, and what the highest thing for me to know right now is. The first answer: I want to feel excited and powerful again.  The highest thing for me to know and remember is that I AM THE POWER THAT CHOOSES TO CHOOSE IT ALL.
And if I AM the Power, I have to be in alignment with the Power that I Am. So what do I need to bring into alignment?
1) I have to remember that I choose commitment. Anything I have to do, to be and stay committed, is what I choose. I am committed to being in alignment with Power.
2) I have to love myself AS that power. I have to choose to see myself as the experience of that. In order to do that, I have to balance and direct this:
I choose to stay in joy, love and excitement. Any challenge that is given to me can be an exciting one.
When I bring the joy back in, I can feel the energy flow again. I feel like I HAVE energy to accomplish my goal. Yes, I didn’t see “it” coming. Yes, I am the power that chooses to BE JOY anyway which helps me to stay aligned with my power. And that gives me the power not to fall back into the victimness of “something always happens.” I stay in my creation. I am committed. I am joyful. I am Knowing.
Come on, Universe!  Let’s play!

Blessings, Dee