Okay. I am sitting here ready to shoot my commercial. It represents a big breakthrough in me applying what I teach, which helps me stand behind the principles I bring to you:
1) Know what you WANT ( not what you don’t want)
2) release any old belief systems/feelings that are not in alignment with what you want
3) Feel good about what you want
4) Hold the focus and the feelings of what you want NO MATTER WHAT
5) Allow yourself to receive
6) Remember that this process must be consciously in place for 4-6 weeks (generally) for manifestation.
It had been a bit of a dry spell as far as booking things. Once my series was over, I came out strong out of the gate with test deals, pins and holds, but things weren’t getting booked.  
This is the challenge in my business of acting ( and life), that when we get “close” to our creation and it doesn’t gel, we start focusing on the negative of ” why didn’t I get it,” instead of holding the focus and feeling of what we want.
But this time, my teaching kept me in check. Every time I would get another call that I hadn’t booked the job, I kept myself in my knowing. I kept focused on what I wanted, told myself I was getting close, and got clear that what I wanted was COMPLETION.  
How would that feel when I got the call I had booked? And then I started claiming, ” I Am Completion.”  
You guessed it. 
From the time I consciously held to that formula, it was about six weeks and then I booked this commercial.
I looooooooooove it when you have proof that the work ….works.  
Remember, look away from your present circumstances.  They are what you created from NOT being conscious. Be consistently in the moment of creation NOW. Claim it like you have it. And allow the magic to happen! It’s an amazing high to experience what a great creator you are!  
Blessings, Dee