Now, THERE is a core belief for you!


When the channel directed me to this for the eblast, I questioned why. Now, I know better than to doubt the “voice,” so I rephrased with the command, “Give me clearer understanding of this please.” And… WOW. Ready?


1) This comes from centuries of old bible-thumping-revengeful-God teachings in large part. We are literally taught that God is not happy with us. And so here we are, doing our spiritual work around knowing WE are God, and are getting caught in this old belief. It has to hold us back. Who wants to be a joyless God? That is why so many of you are expressing, “I’m doing the work but I am still not happy. I can’t feel the love.” This is a big part of the explanation.


2) Obviously, this directly affects and alters our experiences of happiness and giving to ourselves what we want…because that would make us Joyful Gods in the self-creation of Us. And as long as we have the above core belief, we CAN’T be a joyful God because, “As you believe, it is delivered to you.”


So, which belief is going to give you what you want: I Am a joyless God, or I Am a joyful God?


Pick that one. Feeeeel into love around “I Am a Joyful God! And that is love, and self-love and my Divine Right!”


Today, choose to be the joyful you, and let the God of You and the God of All create that experience.



“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

 -Nhat Hanh