We are really accessing some expanded, vital information through these private sessions we are doing. And you are a big part of bringing that information to the whole.

Let me begin first by reviewing that everything is an entity, a being, a living and active energy within itself: your home, a plant, a country, etc. are individual energetic components, with a creative force of its own.  That being said, the Immune System is an entity unto itself. It can be directed by us–or fear–and it creates itself from that.
I hope you have been keeping up with the shows and the eblasts, because things are beginning to dovetail together from week to week. New expansions of information are being delivered, and being interwoven into higher understanding with what we already know and understand.

Last week I listed the four cornerstones in The Circle of Creation:
1) I Love Myself
2) I have Endless Love for all energy (which means trust, positive perspectives, etc.)
3) I live in the Present Moment
4) I remember and know that I Am My Own Creator (thoughts, belief systems, perspectives, emotions, etc.)

Here is the incredible new information: THE IMMUNE SYSTEM HAS FORGOTTEN THESE.
In other words, the Immune System has forgotten it is its own creator, not the “germs out there.” It has forgotten to love Itself, and all energy, and is not living in the present moment of now, but “looking to the future to ward things off.” I am sure this information was brought in because of all the focus on measles and flu, etc. And we know that what we focus on, we create. Direct your Immune Systems to remember–and know exponentially, the above four points for Itself.
There is a second reason that this is coming forward: because something else is coming.
Fear never helps us create what we want, so we want to know exactly what the channel means by this. It has to do with redemption, and the “disease” of still believing we have anything to redeem ourselves for. This is a genetic poisoning that has been passed down to us, and it has tricked the Immune System into believing it, and therefore weakening the system. We must choose and direct ourselves to accept who we are, love who we are, know our magnificence and live in our power.  There is nothing to do to “redeem” ourselves from ….anything. And our Immune Systems need our help in living that truth.
“I Am the Power that Chooses Joy, Health, Love, and Fun. My Immune System and I celebrate my health and magnificence always. I Am free!” Tell your Immune System YOU know that, and now IT can know that! Remember, health and financial balance must be in place so we are free to focus on greater creation.

Blessings, Dee