It’s an interesting exploration these days … exactly the highest definition of what Independence really is.


Here is the channel’s highest definition of Independence: the right to choose without interfering, or harming, or limiting another’s choice.


In other words, we are independent in our OWN creation, and we allow others to be independent in THEIR creation – UNLESS it creates harm or limitation for any energy. It is another way of expressing the statement from The I Am Discourses (St. Germain) which is: I release you to your OWN Divine I Am Presence (creation) I am responsible for me. You are responsible for you.


Allowing self-creation has become judgement in today’s world: if I judge you to think like me, you can have your freedom of creation. That cannot fall into the definition of Independence. Where is it, within ourselves, that we can let go of judgement—EVEN for those judging us—and allow freedom of Independence through Conscious Creation? It must start within ourselves. That is where all creation begins.


Happy Independence Day.  May we all live and serve the channel’s highest definition of that word!