You are more powerful than you can imagine because … you haven’t imagined it! Here is what the channel wants you to know about personal power:


1) You create it within yourself first.

2) You create it by choosing thoughts, feelings, beliefs and perspectives filled with love and joy.

3) All energy is taking its cue from you.

4) You must trust and celebrate your power, knowing that all is being created through Divine Love, because that is your intention.

5) Redirect the belief, “I can only get close to my creation” to “I Am complete in my full creation.”

6) See a world where your creation is possible, and see everyone in your world seeing you as creating it.


When these things are in alignment, your power through Divine Love is a palpable frequency that shoots out dimensionally and attracts to you your desires. Happy, joyful, powerful creating!





The Channel is requesting that we do this in our meditations or our morning practices daily please!


“ALL ENERGY I claim & direct: For all negative signals that have taken over & affected our energetic systems in any way, I direct you back to the light of Divine Love, to become Divine Love, to express yourself as Divine Love, joy, peace, abundance, wellness, success & compassion for all energy. I ask (demand) that all energy partner with me in the creation of this now & consistently. I express deep thanks & gratitude for this partnership & creation to Divine Love! I open my heart to all new possiblities. I allow this transformation now & consistently! I claim I Am God, & I am safe to create. & so it is.”