noun: integrity

1. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
2. The state of being whole and undivided.

When three instances happen in a row that point to the same thing, that is when the Universe is saying:  LOOK HERE. Focus here. There is energy that needs to be brought into alignment here! This last week, although instances around this subject have been surfacing on and off for some time, it came to a head.

1) One of the people I am doing business with kept quoting me a price, and then after the job was completed, it invariably took “longer” and the price was higher. Much higher.

2) We went to the garment district and saw, in very big letters “$3 Parking.”  Guys were flagging you down with brightly colored flags and sounds that took your attention and made you focus on the $3. They made you focus on your need to “get a good deal.” Then, when we pulled in and up the ramp, another man told us what the actual price was. When we left, we carefully found, underneath the very predominant $3, in little, tiny words, “for the first 10 minutes.”

3) We had had a meeting about adding a room onto the house. The company was a big fan, and at the original meeting offered to do the room for half price in exchange for some publicity in their pamphlets. We called to have a second meeting with them four months later, and the new reps said that was a big misunderstanding, and the quote was “only for a percentage of the materials.” The original price quoted to us was 30,000 minus 15,000. The new reps created this whole new scenario where the job would be back up to 35,000! They had many good arguments and reasoning’s about how this was a good deal.

Some people may call this business. I call it misrepresentation to get you hooked.

All these represent a lack of integrity: a misrepresentation of the truth. And I wanted to know why the collective consciousness has a belief that it needs to do this. And the answer was: FEAR. We are in fear of being used, abused, and taken advantage of. We are in FEAR that we will not be told the truth, and the perspective of the world is that “everyone is out to get me so I better get them first so I can survive.”

Wow, does that ever emphasize the importance of The Four Cornerstones. That (fear) is a perspective that says

1) I don’t love me enough to know I am honored,

2) I certainly don’t love the world because I expect it to screw me over,

3) I am looking to the present and expecting negative because I have GOTTEN negative in the past, so I will not stay in this present moment of now and create what I want, and

4) I forgot I can create this differently.

It has to begin with you.  I really, really, want us all to stop right now and ask: If I am truthful with myself, do I KNOW the Universe, including all the people in it, are in integrity and truthfulness?  If you get a no, you are adding to the collective that is continuing to create a world in lack of integrity.  And we can do something to create it anew only when we create it anew within us.

So we have more of an understanding about why Identity Theft is on the rise: computer hacking, soaring gas prices, soaring medical costs, unfulfilled work orders, even friends that do not come through for us. We are the creation of us, and therefore our world. We can shift this. We must shift this to live in the harmony, peace and love that creates the world we want.  Be tough love with yourself, and excavate, shift, and create the perspective of Integrity in you, all people, and the world.

Blessings, Dee