I can’t stand it. The four year old little girl in me, who waited upstairs on the landing for any audible signs of Santa, is alive and well and jumping up and down in anticipation of the big day.  There are so many wrapped presents to go under the tree I don’t know if they will fit.  Family is arriving in 4 days. Tree will be trimmed with friends Saturday. Absolutely everything is in order for a fabulous Christmas.

And when I get quiet, I realize that the only reason I am so whacky happy is that it’s Christmas. I suppose you could call that a reason…but really…it is simply a time of year. Whatever I make of it, is MY CHOICE!  Now, I have many fond and jubilant sense memories of Christmas. Even with the alcoholism, lack of work and poverty I experienced on a day to day basis, when Christmas came it seemed to be put aside a bit, like the family united for this short time in the year to come together, work together, plan together and support one another. Again, no one said Christmas HAD to be this way. But we CHOSE to make it that way.

My prayer is that our country will come together in celebration of Christmas with this same choice. And…why not keep Christmas all year? We can define every day as Christmas, and come together in unity of love. In this way, we create. We do not overcome, or save, or “muster through.” We create. What we choose. Period. I am standing with my fellow man in the celebration of Christmas love and unity for all of mankind, and for all times. Now. Please make this choice with me. Create.

Blessings, Dee