Okay. See if you recognize this pattern:

Things going great…REALLY great!
Happiness abounds.
Prosperity all around. Doors opening…and then……………..for seemingly no reason it stops.
Hmmmm. Okay. I know I am a bit nervous about China. That’s probably what is causing me to stop the energy.
Or maybe it’s all the business minutia with lawyers and contracts.
Or maybe it’s…
STOP IT!  Quit guessing and do the work.

I decide to get really tough love with myself. I Am the Answer here. No one knows, more than I, what the fear is. I just have to allow it to be conscious. Where did I first realize that feeling of pulling back? I got it!

It was when I was adding up and celebrating the financial abundance I was creating. And I took a hit. I remember taking a hit and pulling back the last time I heard Christopher and I had created a huge abundance.  I should have been happy. I was panicked. So this is where it started!  It wasn’t about China at all.
I began seeing scenes when I was very sick as a child, and scenes where I was frightened, and scenes when I lived with my grandmother. I called my older brother to see if he could help me remember specifics. And basically, this is the belief I had hidden way down deep:

Wow. Somehow, my little girl had married those two things into a belief system that, now that I am aware of it, I can track throughout my entire life. But wait. That led to an even greater hidden belief:
God abandons me/I abandon myself.

And this is a belief we all own, somewhere very deep.  When we believe that God abandons us, and we ARE the God of Us, then we have to abandon ourselves with these incorrect fears of creation. If Affluence=Sickness (mental, physical, spiritual/moral, chemical, cosmic, emotional or dimensional) we HAVE to create that reality in our lives, and ergo, we abandon ourselves in our own creation.

This is our claim: God is always here for me, supports me, loves me and delivers unto me. I Am the God of Me. I am here for me, support me, love me, and deliver unto me.  All the desires of my heart.