It’s a fiercely windy day here, and I love it!


There is something very … sexy about the wind. It’s like the ions are flying everywhere, clearing things out, cleaning things up, and setting the stage for the new. I relate the wind to our work: blowing out all the smog of limiting beliefs and fears that keep our personal skylines fresh with possibilities. For those of you that have read Ramtha, The White Book, Ramtha is in joyful expression today.


This freshness and “coming aliveness” with the wind makes me feel spirited and anxious to create anew, from the new. It makes me excited to be alive in the new creation of me.


Freedom doesn’t like the wind. The noise and things blowing on the roof freak her out. So I went outside with her so she would know she is safe and protected, and so she could feel the aliveness I love so very much. Tentative at first, she followed my lead and trusted she was protected and safe in this venture outside.


I am willing and able to walk with you through any fears you might have into your freedom, joy, and power. Let’s come alive into our full potential of joy and creation. Remember, after the storm … clarity!