I woke up so happy and filled with Joy today. I wanted to share it with you, cause my heart is really overflowing with it. I just, well, love you all. And that love gives me so much Joy way down deep inside me.


I think of all the people I have served in my life, and I feel joy. I think of all that have served me, and I feel joy. I celebrate this community and how the INTENTION to be happier everywhere in our lives have created such impact for us, and I feel joy. I think of my beloved family and the bonds we share, and I feel joy. I look at my Freedom doggie, and I feel joy. Birds singing. Flowers blooming. Life to delve. Joy. Joy. Joy!


The channel reminds me of a song we sang at The Agape Church: Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart. You really have to smile when you sing it. You’re just “filled with the Spirit!” Filled with Love, whose sister is Joy. Twins, actually, from the same seed. As the channel reminds us, it’s all about Joy and Love. I’ve included the song in the attachment below. If you get “plugged in” by the religious references, just know it all represents Love, and replace the words.


Sing along. It’s the perfect direction for happy energy manifestation!