Judgment doesn’t make us happy. We THINK it does because, for one brief moment, it allows us to feel right and escalate ourselves above someone else.

But the basis of judgment is always FEAR. We fear “they” are better, we “fear” what they are doing to us, we “fear” our bodies don’t look good, we “fear” our partners/children are being judged and if they are, we are also. Judgment is the ego’s way of not handling and not being truthful about our own insecurities.

And the challenge is that judgment actually fuels those insecurities by holding our attention on the negative.

“What?” our monkey minds yell, “It doesn’t make sense that I look away and accept what I am judging. I know it is not serving me!”

The channel is not asking you to look away or deny. Quite the opposite! It is asking that we be tough-love truthful about WHY … within ourselves … we need to judge.

And the channel doesn’t agree that we are always judging ourselves when we judge another. But we ARE thwarting ourselves from recognizing the truth within ourselves that is our freedom.

So the next time you are compelled to judge, stop and ask yourself what insecurity within yourself you are feeding, acknowledge it, love it, and redirect it so your focus returns to the positive you want to create.

Yippeeeeee! Freedom!


“How little do they see what really is, who frame their hasty judgment upon that which seems.” 

-Daniel Webster