I waited until the last moment to write this. I was hoping a clear decision would be made in the choice for the next president of the United States of America.
My channel had been clear for a month that Joe Biden would win. I had asked the question in every conceivable way, and the clear answer was: the next president is Joe Biden.
Now, you have heard many times that I have never known my channel to be wrong. So I relaxed, settled in, and kept vigilant, through all the drama and the rallies and the rhetoric, that I knew the outcome.
And then something interesting happened.
I spoke to one of my healing partners who expressed concern that all the psychics were saying President Trump was the winner. Then, through some interesting circumstances, I spoke to one of the top psychics in America. Her answer was the same: Trump.
So, I could feel little nagging doubts popping in here and there. What if I had gotten the wrong information from my channel? The most frightening thing about that possibility was NOT the winner of the race. The most frightening thing was the possibility that I could not trust my channel. That I had somehow manipulated the information.
So I opened up and went in. “I am demanding the very highest understanding around all of this,” I commanded. And the answer was: We have given you the information you desired. That is the highest truth. Now TRUST. Practice what you teach. Stay in faith and Knowing.
I just sat for about an hour, absorbing the enormity of what I had just learned: when you know, you know. Until you doubt. And then you no longer know.
I teach this daily. I strive to live it daily. And yet, I am human, and also need to be reminded that we must be vigilant in staying in that knowing, and turn away from the noise and illusions that distract us daily.
That is when the channel gave me the insightful daily mailings of last week to help keep everyone focused. I hope they helped. They sure helped me.
And so, people I love, we continue to learn, and remember, and apply, and expand, and learn again. Hold fast in your knowing and your trust. Be guided by your heart. All energy is striving for balance.
“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear.”
-Rosa Parks