As with most projects, the end of a shoot is both yin/yang. You are complete, you are ready to be “home,” and at the same time, you have made new friends with special people, and created a loving connection you don’t want to leave.


Leaving Alaska isn’t any different. Not only did I create wonderful relationships with some great, creative people, but also with this place of ice and snow and water. I created a partnership of peace with Alaska. It taught me to … be. To listen to the stillness. To absorb the beauty. In some significant ways, I believe it has changed me.


Looking out on the scene from my window (see below) is not a way I have started any other day in my life. Sometimes I would just lie in bed and absorb the beauty. And yet, I also yearned to look at the very small body of water called a back-yard pool with my beautiful flowers behind it … because that is “home.” And both serve me in a very special, fulfilling way. As long as I choose to be in the moment of joy and appreciation of both. And yes, that is a choice.


When I lived in New York, I chose to love the cacophony of sounds and bustling of energy that surrounded me. It made me feel alive. Alaska was a different kind of alive. More centered.


One of my favorite things were the beautiful eagles. They would perch outside my window below on a barge rail. Majestic and graceful. On an afternoon outing with friends, we stopped by the side of a road where they were “fishing.” I attached the amazing video for you below.


And now, this adventure is complete. And I am looking forward to the two coming up. Both in town, they will bring different experiences into my life. But I will hold the lessons from Alaska in my heart: be in the moment, live in the beauty, and appreciate. Always the best guidance.