I am hearing the song from Frozen everywhere, and in the strangest ways, in my life.


It came in during the Webinar last Wednesday, my friend broke into the song when we were talking about what she needed to do to move along.


And coincidentally, having nothing to do with the song per se, one of my healing partners sent me this email: I don’t know what this is about, but I was told to tell you to let it go!


So, that’s enough messages for me to stop and address what the Universe is suggesting, or putting in my face, lol, what I need to address. Then, today, while talking to my agent about something totally unrelated, an old story about a producer who was really hurtful to me came up. In passing, he just threw out, “Yeah, Dee, you just gotta let that go.”


ALL RIGHT! I got it. I have to let that story go. If I am going to create playing with the big boys, doing the kind of material I want, and being happy on ANY set, I have to stop telling that damn story!


Quietly, I checked in with myself. Yep, I went back to my childhood. This “story” is what was modeled by my father. He created some really big things in his life (like the very first discount store) only to have it taken away by one of the investors. One of the “big guys”. This was a pattern I saw repeated in his life often.


Then, as my older brother ventured out into the business world, I witnessed him creating his dream company, only to have it taken away by his partner. The big guy who invested more. So, as my TedTalks explains, I learned, at a very early age that this was the way life worked: the big guys do you in.


Now, for years, I overcame this (was not aware of this subconscious belief) until it happened to me. In a really big way. And my subconscious screamed out, “See! You KNEW this was the way things worked!” And I’ve been holding that as a truth and resenting it ever since.


But that is NOT GOING TO GET ME WHAT I WANT. I have to CHOOSE to see a world of fairness. A world that respects and honors me. A world that says, “She’s so talented, we want to work with her and take care of her.” Until I start telling THAT story, I will keep creating parts of the other story and think it is the world not appreciating me and that … that’s just the way it is.


So today, what story do you need to change to get what you want? To be in harmony with the Universe so you can line up with It and get what you want? That’s why we’re here: to let it go and direct energy toward WHAT WE WANT. So, get busy!