You have to let go of the stories you have been defining yourself with, the heartbreaks you are holding on to, the self-accepted limitations, and the unfounded fears. I have been working with all kinds of letting go this week in private sessions, from the guilt of letting go of the guilt around deaths and suicides, to wanting to hold on to long experienced limitations so we don’t have to face the disappointment of not succeeding, to heartbreak over deaths and break-ups, to simply not wanting to let go of the confines of family.
Many people in my family and friends sometimes get exasperated with me because I keep focusing them on letting go when they really want to stay in their pain. It is true that I have always been able to let go easier than many I know. I had a knack for it very early in life. Death and sadness and hardship hit me at very early ages, and there was something in my psyche that KNEW I had to pick up and move on. I had to get my joy back. I had to find my light again.
Sometimes, when things were unjust, it was harder to let go. “It isn’t fair,” was the cry that erupted within me. But after time, when I saw how I was crumbling and falling BECAUSE I refused to let go of the need to have someone pay for the injustice, I learned to turn that around quickly also…after practicing consciously to bring myself back into love and consciousness so I DIDN’T GO DOWN WITH MY OWN LACK OF LOVE.
We cannot be powerful if we are victims, and we are victims to anyone and anything that we give our joy away to- ANYONE AND ANYTHING.
So, please, LET GO.  Let go or be dragged. Let go of anything that is not making you more joyfully powerful. It is a choice. A choice right now in this moment. Make it and watch your life turn around.
 Blessings, Dee