If we are going to have a serious discussion about God, we have to define the word. Growing up in a good Methodist home, I was taught that God was a mixture of confusing ideas. He was loving. God Is Love. He was vengeful, so don’t mess up. He was up in the sky somewhere we called “heaven.” He was in charge of it all. He liked us to stay small and humble. And he was, obviously, a he. Somewhere, in a galaxy far, far away, we might meet him. His choice.

Over the years, the understanding of who God was began to change. He became more of a he/she everything. An It, if you will. I came to know this energy more as a friend. Someone I was a partner with. The phrase that I had heard throughout my Bible school years, “God helps him who helps himself” – became more real to me after finding the Science of Mind/Unity practices. It was a truth that resonated within me to the core: I had to help myself on this plane and then my friend could really support me with love. That is the principle that has worked really well for me until now.

Now, as life must do, expansion is happening again. From the focus and intention of “taking responsibility for myself”- I find I might have inadvertently thrown the baby out with the bathwater. I might have, without being conscious, swung the pendulum to the other side when it needed to hover in the middle to be an accurate test. That raises the questions then: Who/What is God, and how does It work in friendship with … me.

We know everything is energy. That’s God. Everything. All energy. We know energy has to be directed. So the energy of Us needs direction. And God helps him who helps himself. Ergo, I have to direct the energy that I Am. The energy that I Am is God. The Creative Force Itself is really what I was taught to worship and honor in that Methodist bible school so long ago. And they were right: God/Energy is everywhere. Omniscient. Omnipresent. When I take responsibility and decide what I want and get all of me on board, then the amazing, all powerful Creative Force can help me create in phenomenal ways.

And the Creative Force/God/Energy is … LOVE. They were right again: God Is LOVE. It loves us so unconditionally (without or in spite of whatever conditions we present) that it trusts us to CHOOSE. It is the parent that always, always, honors the child and allows it to create Itself.

Now comes the leap of moving into the experience of being consumed with wonder and love and honor and worship for a nebulous thing called The Creative Force. Yes, I understand why they made it a man. It was easier to comprehend and “worship” something more tangible than energy. But when we realize that Energy is the all-encompassing gift of Creation, it becomes easier…and so much less restricted.

Sure, we can depend on The Creative Force to deliver to us. Always. It has been waiting for a very long time for us to know we are a great part of that loving process so it CAN deliver. It is the everything. The All. And we are a part of that. We are in a gracious and delicate and powerful dance with the All of Everything. It’s a great cha-cha!

Blessings, Dee xo