That’s my new claim: Life is like Bora-Bora: peaceful, relaxing, integrating, warm and filled with special loving moments and relationships.

It’s a pretty good analogy to hold in intention, don’t you think? Why do we think we have to go on vacation to create this in our lives? Hmmm, let’s ask.

Here is the channel’s insight:

1) We keep putting out the electrical signal that “making a living, and thus living, is a struggle.”

2) We do this because we feel we don’t deserve to have an easy life.

3) We think creation has to take more of our energy.

4) We believe we are not enough.

Put those together from the bottom up, it reads: I believe I am not enough to find the energy to be deserving of an easy life, so I keep emitting the electrical signal of struggle.

This belief system is from thousands of shared past lives. We can redirect it now. Consciously. I KNOW I AM ENOUGH TO BE DESERVING OF AN EASY LIFE AND THAT IS THE JOYFUL SIGNAL I KEEP EMITTING TO THE UNIVERSE. AND IT ANSWERS.

Enough of this roller-coaster ride. It’s great for Disneyland. Not so much for Life.


“Living most of the time in a world created mostly in one’s head, does not make for an easy passage in the real world.” 

-Sydney Brenner