I’m laughing. The title sounds like it could be one of my horror films….ahhh, the voices in my head! But essentially, that is our challenge: to take the many voices within and integrate them into One Voice. Maybe that’s a better title!

Within all of us is The Little Child Voice, The Teenager Voice, The Young Adult Voice, and then the most nebulous voice of all: the one that was created AFTER we broke through the fears of the earlier voices, and failed somewhat in the success of our breakthrough. How does that voice “look” in manifestation terms? It looks like some of these:

· I finally created my website but no one visits it
· I wrote an awesome book but no one reps it and I can’t get it out there
· I finally got the courage to leave the abuse but now I can’t seem to create another relationship
· I finally moved out on my own and I can’t make a go of it.
· I created the career I want, but it’s not as BIG as I want it to be.

These are just some scenarios, but what they have in common is one thread: I am not taking it all the way.

And what happens then, instead of honoring ourselves for what we HAVE done, and for realizing that we broke through a lot of fear to get where we are, is we dump on ourselves for not getting further. And when we dump on ourselves, the focus goes back to lack and judgment and we stop ourselves again…usually with an altered version of the fears that kept us from creating in the first place. (Like, “See, I knew I couldn’t.”)

So what do we need in order to go all the way?
1) Give up the stories passed down to us about how hard it is, how long it takes, what happened to dad, mom, myself earlier. What story do I want to write NOW?
2) Accept that it is up to us to create. That the buck stops here. That we are ready, willing, able, want to, deserve to, attract, never have a problem with, am able to, and allow myself to go all the way.
3) Feel the love around that commitment.
4) Keep creating. Create for yourself and the joy of it. Create for the purpose of giving to the world, and joyfully receiving back. That’s how it’s supposed to work. The circle of giving and receiving. Recigive. Embrace it. It’s glorious.

Blessings, Dee