In the hundreds of private sessions I do monthly, one rule that most people are missing and confused about is this: they still are not “getting” that EVERYTHING we create is created WITHIN US FIRST.




What exactly does that mean?


1) I am clear about what I want

2) I know I am creating it right now, in this moment (NOT in the future)

3) All of me is in alignment with having this … a) I accept it is possible, b) I know I am worth receiving this, c) I am feeling Love for all I am creating, d) I am feeling Love for Me, e) I see a world where all this is possible, f) I invite the Universe to create this with me, and g) I open my arms and receive.


Whatever you want, love it more.


And love yourself so much you just love giving it all to yourself.


I experience the world in whole new ways of success and happiness since I apply this work consistently in my life. Even if you THINK you are doing this, please take one day and monitor your harmony in thought, word and deed around your desire. It just might open up a whole new world in manifestation for you!