I was a speaker on Saturday at my 50th High School Reunion. It was an amazing get together, with fond memories of how high school literally saved me by allowing me to create.  When I started to write the eblast, the channel whispered softly to share with you the speech I gave to the Class of 66. I hope you enjoy it.

The last time I spoke to our class was at our commencement exercises. Hard to believe that was 50 years ago. I spoke about the promise and opportunities that were before us. The whole world was before us then.

Some of us had plans that became our life’s work.
Some had plans for life work that morphed into other endeavors.
Some of us had plans that were interrupted by life: military service, family tragedies, illnesses—-challenges we could never foresee when making the plan of our life.

For many of us, the greatest challenge has been to hold our balance and positive Bulldog spirit, while navigating a new technological world full of baffling violence, and sound bites and non-direct communication, and loss of those Midwestern values we hold so dearly.

Today, I want to ask you to share with me in a renewal of our original commencement dream: that all possibilities are before us. We still have the choice of making dreams, and working toward them and sharing our talents with the world…in small ways, and on larger platforms.

We don’t have to accept the antiquated beliefs that “we have reached a certain age and now must simply wait.” The world needs, now more than ever, those who remember the values of listening and giving: the values of family and God and Love. WE are those people. And we still have so much to give.
I challenge all of us today–to challenge ourselves– to give, in any way we are able. To put out love and heart centered creation into the world.

Most of us are nearing the age that many in our society deem “finished.” We are never finished creating. So we might as well get busy continuing to bring our dreams and love into the world. Because, just as in 1966, the rest of our lives are before us. Create them with passionate excitement for any and all possibilities they hold.

Remember: We are The Wyandotte Bulldogs. And a bulldog never stops fighting!

Blessings, Dee