There is a lot of it going on right now. People and pets are transitioning; relationships taking different forms; losing our own blocks and fears in the transitioning of our Self. There is objective, healing information around these shifts that the channel wants you to have for guidance:

a) Any transition causes fatigue until you let go of your resistance
b) It is OK to grieve…for awhile
c) No one/thing leaves without choice and purpose
d) Often times, energy makes its transition to empower us

So let us ask ourselves: What energy in my life is telling me it is ready to move on, whether it is within me or outside of me? The coming in/going out of energy is the circle of life. It is the natural order. So why does it upset us so much?

1. Because it makes us feel we have no control, and without control we are not safe
2. It makes us face our own mortality
3. We lose our “reason” for maintaining the creation of ourselves
4. We feel powerless
5. It breaks the “rules” of creation.

Let’s talk about number five. What do we think the “rules” of creation are? In this community we believe that we are the creators of Us on this plane, and that we are co-creating with God/The Force/ Divine Love. When energy makes its transition in any form that we do not want or agree with, the “rule” of choice and co-creation seems to be broken. But in reality, the energy that is leaving or redefining Itself has made the choice. We just don’t understand or agree with the choice made. And then we feel our creation has been taken away. When we can accept and flow, we become a part of that choice and creation, and become part of the event instead of separate from it.

There is a lot of energy right now that did not sign up for all the transitioning taking place, and a lot of energy that is redefining what it is (and the expression it is taking in a new way). Accept, flow with it, and stay in choice and creation. That is where your freedom lies.

Blessings, Dee