I can’t wait until Valentine’s Day. I have to write about love now. Right now. This very moment.Because I’m bursting, and when you’re bursting, you just gotta share it!

I spent four glorious days of love with my two best friends from Kansas, reminiscing, laughing, crying, hugging, sharing.


I live in gratitude and love every day for my amazing, wonderful, beautiful, smart, kind assistant that the Universe has blessed me with. I am celebrating love for my beautiful daughter that, against all odds, has found her strength and love and purpose after a really tough life challenge. I spend so many special moments of love with my dog, Freedom, who brings me laughter and joy and fun in the midst of some very busy days and some very quiet nights. And my guy, my wonderful giving man, who adores me and wants to give me nothing but….more love.

As I was basking in all this love goodness, I realized this was the reward for loving myself more. These were the experiences I now get to have returned to me because I have consistently held the focus of love, replaced my old thoughts with newly directed thoughts of positive claims, and brought myself back from reaction to choice and creation because I KNOW that is how I can love myself best. And it’s a beautiful thing, this life experience of love.

Whatever you are challenged with in this moment, love yourself enough to find your love. It’s a choice. And it’s the choice that will change your life forever!


Blessings, Dee