The second installment of the Christmas theme is Love. 

In this, and each Christmas season, the basic core emotion is Love. Something happens, something changes, at Christmas. 

Somehow, the majority of energy comes together in agreement that we are given permission to experience, and share the experience, of Love. It is an acceptance that is … automatic during Christmas.

We understand one of the core causes of this choice: the birth of Jesus. It represents the very reason we celebrate the season. The birth of Christ literally ushered in the concept of Love for all mankind. There is a reverence, an unspoken agreement between civilized people, that differences will be put aside and forgiveness will take place so Love might be shared by all.

It is a time of giving. A time we choose to give our presence, our gifts, ourselves to be with and share with those we Love.

It is a time of peace when all people can make time for each other.

But we don’t need a reason, although Christmas offers us that. We simply need to choose Love … all the time.

We’ve heard it in a million ways: keep Christmas in your heart all year long, Love is the magic of Christmas, your Love is the best gift I could wish for. 

Those are choices to BE the Love of Christmas, all the time, each day.

Let us all practice love by being the love we all so desire to experience in our lives and in our hearts. Let us BE Love to experience Love. Let us give Love so the Universe returns it in a myriad of ways.

As you walk through the hustle and bustle of Christmas, look for ways to Be, and share, Love every day. Let us literally Be the frequency of Love to every tree, butterfly, snowflake, animal, clerk, caretaker … all energy everywhere. And may we receive it back in bountiful measure as the world responds to its amazing vibration. 

How much Love can you share today? 

Know I love you. 

So much.  


“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all year long.” 

-Charles Dickens