Yep. It’s up again.  

And the channel wants to review the facts of love:

Love is:

  • Electrical
  • a vibration
  • a force
  • a choice … always
  • healing and creating everything
  • Love is God (all thought and all possibility)
  • God is Love

So basically, Love is the creative force of the Universe. Divine Love. Unconditional Love. Conscious Choice Love.

But our minds argue with our hearts about the choice of love. “They did this to me so I can’t love.” Or, “When I get this then I can love.” Or, “I can’t choose love because they don’t love me.” etc., etc.,etc.

All those beliefs (and thousands of other reasons) are simply excuses to wait instead of creating. We are waiting for the world to change so we can choose love. But you can see from the above list that love creates everything so we must CHOOSE love, think love, feel love, give love, receive love … in order to create the electrical signals to create the lives we want.

This is the Universal Rule: always, always, always choose Divine Love.

That’s the answer.

To everything.


“The way of peace is the way of love. Love is the greatest power on earth. It conquers all things.”  

-Peace Pilgrim