I hear so often on the show and in private sessions that, “I don’t know how to love myself,” or “it’s hard to find my love place.” I want you to know that entering a state of Love is a choice, and since Love is the most powerful force we have to create with, it is imperative we choose to access it in creating whatever we desire. And also to understand that Loving Ourselves is of highest importance in the manifestation and receiving of our heart’s desires. When you say phrases like “I can’t”, “I don’t know how”, “It’s so hard,” you are literally directing your brain to NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS LOVE. And that, my beautiful people, is not what you are wanting to create.
You cannot get to the state of LOVE through your mind. It’s a heart thing. I am going to show you an easy way to access Love…first, let’s come together and claim: I Am Love. The state of Love is easy and joyful to access!
Did you feeeeeeeeeel the joy and love through the innocence of those experiences? Good. Now close your eyes and send that love to yourself. Allow the Universe to love you unconditionally. You are a magnificent Being of Love. Embrace that, share it, revel in it and all the freedom it brings you. Celebrate who you are.
Now………..go Love some more. Whohoooooooooooo!