My daughter will be getting married this week. Again. And I am so very proud of her for that.

I am proud she had the courage to love herself enough to leave her first husband who dishonored her.

I am proud she found a way to open her heart again to someone new.

I am proud she attracted to her a man who holds her in high respect and esteem.

I am proud she found someone with an equally amazing open heart.


I am proud to be with her on this journey of love. And I love myself for teaching her so well about self-love, her strength, and her unlimited gifts and possibilities. This will be yet a new adventure in our lives together. We have shared many, both challenging and joyful, and I can’t wait to create with her more joy and love in our lives.


My best wedding wish for her is that she live in her heart, with love and compassion for family, friends, and this world. I know her daddy, Chris, is watching over her and guiding her, and reminding her that, “Life is just a bowl of cherries…don’t take it serious. Life’s too mysterious!” He sang that to her every night.


Here’s to you, my Boogie. The baby they said I’d never have. My miracle. Happy Wedding, my darling