How can we accept, know and experience Being God if we don’t love ourselves?

We can’t.

And if you listened to The Ego Webinar, you know that we use the excuse of “not wanting to be too much” that literally keeps us from moving into our ultimate power: I Am God. And that is not a match to self-love.

We then continue to send out the electrical signal, I want to create everything I want but I’m not powerful enough to create it! 

The Universe answers us with…Huh??

It has to stay stuck and we have to stay stuck in creative purgatory because we are giving two opposite directions to The Universe and it just doesn’t know how to compute that!

So, again, PICK the thoughts and feelings that match what you want and the creative power that you are. Rewrite the powerful story you choose and focus only on that. Feeeeeeeeeel into how good it all feels. Know all things are possible. Direct yourselves to know you deserve to receive the desires of your heart. and powerfully state what you want and ask the Universe/God to partner with you!!!

Look away from your reality. Your reality is what you have created from past, limiting, confusing direction.

Look only to what you are choosing, focusing on, and feeling great about right now!

You can do this, guys. You are the Powerful Gods of You. Move into joyful, conscious creation. And love yourselves enough to give you what you want!!


We can climb mountains with self-love.”  

Samira Wiley