So the channel wants to spell this out, loud and clear: Love creates everything. wellness, financial abundance, beautiful relationships, and success. Everything.

And we are not listening. Those of us who ARE listening, are not applying this one basic belief that supersedes all others: the greatest of all attributes is LOVE. The PRACTICE of LOVE.

So be open to the new idea that Love Creates All.
Not struggle.
Not determination.
Not competition.
Not even education.

We accept it when it is easay. We default into judgment, retaliation, resentment and blame and fear when it is not. We have been given permission by our families, our societies, and yes, even our religions per man that this is “acceptable” and ” we have to survive.” And really…how can you survive by ” turning the other cheek?”

Because the real meaning of that is,
” Look away!.
Look to what you want.
Look to the REAL answer and choose love.”

But that doesn’t make sense to our minds who want a guarantee that we will not be hurt and used and abused and have our freedom ripped from us. Except when we turn away from love, we enter into self abuse. We enter into self torment. We take ourselves into fear and doubt and mistrust of ourselves and others. And that is the definition of hell on earth.

Many of you are not aware of when you leave this state. Ask yourselves where you are being challenged.
Do you love your country?
Its leaders?
Your in laws?
Your body?
Your bank?
You should be more aware looking into these subjects and realize how much more love you can choose….especially if you know that is THE answer to more creation fulfillment.

It is not a new thought. It has been revealed to us for lifetimes. Now is the time to seize the opportunity to live the greatest, truest idea ever shared with you.

Live it. Breathe it. Be IT. Be LOVE. And watch your life miraculously take off.

Blessings, Dee
“The way of peace is the way of love. Love is the greatest power on earth. It conquers all things.”

–  Peace Pilgrim