It was an amazing seminar in New Britain, Pa. Everyone there could feel the truth of the message because we were experiencing it in the moment.
We were given fourteen points to bring into alignment to create a powerful 2016, and live in the vibration of creation that will manifest our heart’s desires. Ready?

1) Give up all attacks on one another (physical, mental, emotional). Give up needing to blame or make wrong. The need for this is “eating us alive” and “attacking the self.” Accept, understand, allow.

2) Know “there is enough of me.” We are each enough. There is no need to prove we can be “more.” Accept ourselves as complete.

3) Know and accept: I Am the Power, I Am the Choice, I Am the Highest Answer. I look to myself for guidance.

4) Rules mislead us. Rules keep us focused on the past and what was working THEN. Too many rules are used because we are in fear of ” screwing up.” Basically, Rules=Screw You. Follow your own guidance.

5) Someone else has the answer to my abundance in all subjects of my life. Not true. See # 3 above. Where do I go within myself to find my abundance?

6) I love being God, AND the world loves me knowing that I Am, and supports me in the exercise of that.

7) I don’t have to do it myself. This has two parts: a) you have to do the choosing and directing and b) you get to ask for help from all energy that is waiting to assist you. Keep your heart open to all possibilities.

8) Receive. Receive from yourself, others, the world, the Universe. Receive.

9) Love Yourself: See Yourself as the God you are, Love Yourself As the God You Are, and Walk With Yourself as the God You Are.

10) Alignment of all above keeps your Immune System strong. They allow stress, anger, and fear to be replaced with Knowing. To do great work, we must be healthy.

11) Go to your heart, not your mind, for the answers. Your heart informs and directs your mind.

12) Gratitude: Live in Joy and Elation (again, this is the best advice for creating health)!

13) Being/feeling judgment against self and others breaks down all alignment. It doesn’t make sense to how we have trained our brains in self defense, but it is the truth. Love first.

14) This one was extremely moving and emotional for all of us: Do we know we were conceived to create miracles? To be worshiped by ourselves and others? To know we are God in physical form? When will we truly embrace this and allow ourselves to be enveloped by love?

Numbers 1-10 allow numbers 11-14 to be lived in 2016. If you look closely, you will see the formula for Heaven on Earth:
Be the God of Love that You Are.
Happy New Year from the Channel. From God.
Create an amazing year of LOVE!

Blessings, Dee xo