Happy Valentine’s Day! I was interested in what the channel had to say about Love, Valentine’s Day, and the cellular reprogramming we are involved in right now.

I was surprised that the first teaching was that we are not re-programming, we are re-teaching our cells. The difference? When you re-program, you are working to mold the old into the new. When we are re-teaching, we are TEACHING SOMETHING NEW. That takes the subconscious off the old and onto totally new concepts.

The second thing I was reminded of is that we are teaching the brain of the cell/cells something new: that they can be directed by us, that they can work together in this new teaching, and that they can/will send that charge out into the Universe to be created.

So if we are all One Energy, and what we send out to our cells creates Us, and we as a whole send out to the Universe, all the Us’ then, are the cells that make up the Universe. We are creating God/the Universe AND it is creating us in return. Symbiotic. A partnership.

Ergo, what we direct the brains of our cells to know, we know, the Universe knows, and in turn we know it more. Again, the Universe is waiting for the direction and then sending back our direction to experience.

The next piece was the greatest aha: when all the brains in our cells are working together with the same direction, that is our whole brain.

So if we want to function with our whole brain we need to start giving the same, consistent, unified, integrated directions to the brains of our cellular make-up.

I know this doesn’t sound very romantic, but imagine, if you will, every cellular brain of yours united in the direction of love. Then expand that out to all your family being united in this. Then your friends. Then your community. Then your city, your state, your country, the world and the Universe. What if every single brain cell was focused and directed to love? We are so important in this hundredth monkey quest, my friends. You are more important than you will ever know. Take your heart and run with it. You are the Love that is creating the Universe. I am sending you my heart of love with this. Feel into it, and share.

Blessings, Dee