All of our Conscious Creation work stems from balance. All of nature is automatically programmed to return to a state of balance. When you are in balance, you are in choice. When you are out of balance, you go into reaction.


Most of the world is imbalanced in fear right now: fear of no control, fear of death, fear of loss, fear of…Self. That is why it is so vitally important for all of us to consciously do the work we do so we hold the balance, which allows more energy to resonate with, and remember, the state of balance.


Right now, we must be vigilant about choosing, directing, and committing to self-creation through love. In several of my private sessions, people have used words similar to: I know the work, and I do the work, but I’m feeling depressed (or sad, or scared, etc.)


The channel wants you to know you are merely feeling into the Mass Consciousness, and to NOT BE DETERRED IN YOUR CONSCIOUS CREATION. This is one of the greatest gifts this dis-ease is offering: the opportunity to diligently remember, and practice, our art of self-love and self-direction.


“Now are the times that try men’s souls.” Why?


Because we either forget, and live in fear. Or we remember, and create with love. It is our great opportunity to experience our powerful, Conscious Creation through love.


If you have moments of lapsing, bring yourself back into your knowing. It is simply another lesson preparing you for being God.


You got this. You already are.




“Changing mass consciousness is an individual responsibility.”
-Dennis Weaver