Interesting title. I was going to stop at MOMS. Short and sweet, I thought. But I was told to add the other fond titles that refer to that magnificent being that actually gave birth to us.
Regardless of what you might believe, that was their primary job for you…to give you a physical way into this world. Anything else was icing on the cake.
So, why write the three references? Let’s explore.

MOM: Mom is the familiar word used to address the woman raising us. When we want something we ask for MOM. When we feel strong, or want to engage, we call her MOM. She is our rock, and the strength we go to for advice on life, love and liberty.

MOMMY is who we call for when we have a booboo. Or when we want to cuddle. Or, when we are desperate to be allowed to watch one more learning video on Youtube before bedtime. Or, in our later years, when we want to be softer and allow our Little Child to be experienced once again. Mommy is comfort, and snuggles, and band-aids.

MOTHER is a whole other emotional feeling. We use mother when we want to exercise the adult within us. We use Mother when we want to be heard, and taken seriously. Mother has a bit more reverence, and sometimes fear, and often times indignation attached in the undercurrent tone.

The beauty of this is she allows herself to be all these things to us. She can be your pal, and your doctor, and the one responsible all at the same time. She can accept which ever role of mom she needs to address to help and guide you through this tenuous life she brought you into. She can be what you need her to be, when you need her to be it.

And she can do it all while her heart stays open in love and acceptance of Who You Are. She is, simply, the one who is there for you. Unconditionally. And through that, she teaches us that we are the power, and the love and the joy and the choice. She allows us, for that brief moment of childhood Camelot, to live with open hearts and explore and create…Us.

Here’s to all the mothers that made my mother: a strong, loving talented woman who made…Me. And here’s to me, who made Gabrielle. And here’s to Gabrielle, who will soon be embarking on motherhood of her own. And here’s to all mothers and mothers of mothers that bravely brought us into this crazy adventure of life. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the dreams. And thanks for being there.

Blessings, Dee