If I need a testament to our work, I’m it. I don’t know what portal I have opened, but I do know how I opened it: I lived consciously, followed the creation formula, and voila!…walked through and into the magic. 

It is an exciting time: I have four films and a great speaking gig on the books through April. Those things were part of my very conscious intention/direction/commitment to this year. And I joyfully stayed focused on their creation. Did you get the words…JOYFULLY FOCUSED.

Now, all these wonderful opportunities are creating a lot of financial abundance. Whohoooooo! 

But you know what a lot of financial abundance creates? Your focus on the other important things. I have had time and inclination to really ponder ALL the elements I want to bring together to keep creating. 

Along with the money, I want to attract great parts, great projects, great people, great working situations. And, of course, I made sure to define “great.”

My point is, that once we don’t have to focus on staying afloat, we actually focus on the complete picture of what we want. 

And the enigma of this is that when you know, are clear, and feeeel the freedom around being safe re: everything you want, you create it more…easily. Because all the elements are in place.

So, I invite you to skip to the second phase…the phase of already being there, having enough, asking for the whole picture. Feel the joyful state of having what you want. Keep focused on creating that in your day to day life. Ask the Universe to come play with you and watch the magic. 

Come join me in the portal. It’s pretty awesome here!



 “The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment. YOU CREATE A GOOD FUTURE BY CREATING A GOOD PRESENT. “

– Eckhart Tolle