makes the world go around, the world go around, the world go around…I LOVE that song from Cabaret!


You know why? Because money is an expression of energy: I’ll exchange this energy of money for the energy of your service, or time, or goods. And since everything is energy, money should be treated, and created, like we do everything else. Consciously.


I want to address the biggest issue in our way of creating money: GUILT. Why are we taught to feel guilty about making and having a lot of money? We know we love to have money. We know we love all the things we can do with money. We know we love the people we can give to with our money. And yet, that age-old teaching of being meek and humble stirs the guilt within us and puts the kibosh on our manifesting.


So let me ask you: do you believe you can be humble AND have a lot of money? Do you believe that your CONSCIOUSNESS defines you and the money you make? In other words, have you chosen the definition of yourself that allows you to make money and be in gratitude and share it with the important people in your lives, the charities you love to give to, the causes you support? Because if you have not consciously defined yourself as a person who loves money and creates money to fulfill the desires of your heart so you can GIVE MORE, than holding yourself back is a matter of Ego.


The Ego says, “I’ll feel more exalted and loved by God if I do with less. That will make me a better person.” That is the Ego holding you back so you can feel superior. It doesn’t get you what you want, and it doesn’t create the ability to give others what they want and need.


There is enough for everyone, guys. Your making money does not take away from others. It supports others when made, and used, with love. The channel wants you now, today, to give yourself permission to love and create as much money as you desire. Imagine it in your wildest dreams. Create it with your heart. I am including a passage from Abraham-Hicks that sums this up perfectly.


This week, direct your day with, “I Am powerfully creating money with love and joy and excitement! Who-hoooooooooooo!”




“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.”

-Ayn Rand