You can get all spiritual about it, and be very high-brow regarding it, but the fact is: money DOES make the world go around. Especially when you understand money is really about consciousness. It is, simply, an exchange of one energy for another energy. People exchange hugs as a form of energy exchange. In some countries, goods are offered in exchange for services rendered. When we look at money as a hug, or a piece of fruit, it doesn’t seem so “out-of-reach” and impossible to create, does it? When money simply becomes an exchange of energy, we can understand our power OVER it, and embrace it as simply what it is: the principle of ” this for that”.


Now, “this for that” is simply consciousness being given and received, as in my favorite term, “recigive”. It happens at the same moment, as in a great hug shared by friends. And consciousness is always available to us, because consciousness IS us. It’s what we are. Unless, of course, we separate ourselves from the One Consciousness by our belief systems. It is then that the consciousness of money begins to elude us, because we feel that it is outside of us. Not a part of the consciousness that makes up who we are. Then, through our belief systems, money becomes something apart from ourselves that we have to go after to get. Something that eludes us. Something that is not the part of the God that we are.


I invite you to look at money as a sacred part of your consciousness. A part of your consciousness that you activate and exchange with the Universe. A giant Universal hug, if you will. A part of you that is so ingrained in you as a truth that you never doubt it or question it. You simply hug it, and let it hug you. Money is your friend and your ally. It is always with you because it is a part of you. Embrace it!