We are on to something here, but we don’t have complete info re: our electrical connection to the Universal electrical grid. Here is what the channel wants us to know:


1) We got the highest info years ago when we channeled #3 on Sheet 1: I AM the frequency of the balance of choice and creation in the radiation of my light, and I AM the electrical charge of the electromagnetic whole within the whole; I AM the charge that creates.


Now, we need to break that down for a complete understanding:


1) Our energy is electrical.  All energy is electrical.

2) We MUST know clearly what we want and direct that, to magnetically charge the ions to create our desires. (think of yourself as the wire you plug into the electrical outlet that makes the electrical connection.)

3) We use the frequency of Love to complete the connection between us and the electromagnetic whole (The Universe.) So, it is the electrical signal of the whole of us that is defining and magnetizing to us the whole of All/The One/Energy/God.

4) So, it is our charge that creates our lives and our reality.

5) Commitment heightens the charge.

6) We must accept this responsibility, or we lessen/abandon the God of our own Creation, and of the world.


In simple words, the choices you make = the charges you send out = the magnetism of the like ions to you = manifestation.


Whew! Let’s start charging the world in positive, expansive Love and Joy and Manifestation!