It’s been a fast and furious two weeks: a convention in Atlanta, a plane to Mississippi, a great week of work on a new show, a flight to Dallas, another convention and a flight back to Mississippi. And, of course, my wonderful Sunday shows.


I had to keep reminding myself to “stay in the moment, Dee. Just stay in the moment.” As long as I remained present, everything flowed. When I started stressing about the future, I would get overwhelmed. The channel kept reminding me that every moment is a moment of creation, and to stay present.


I was also challenged to NOT focus on Covid and how the places I was visiting didn’t take it as seriously as I did. “You don’t create for anyone else, Dee. Only focus on what you want.” And what I wanted was a peaceful, successful, healthy trip to everywhere I was visiting.


So far, I’ve gotten exactly what I wanted … or to be more precise, what I created.


Now I finish my film for the next week, fly home, do the amazing Psychic & Healing Expo on Sunday, and treat myself, and all the family, to a much-deserved vacation in my beautiful Maui. Which brings me to Balance. It’s ok to work joyfully and fully, and then balance it out with some relaxation and fun.


And that’s a great way to stay in the moment!


CLAIM: I command that all energy be integrated into my Devine Self to work with me and through me in the creation of all my hearts desires now.



“The only way to create your life is to stay consciously in the present moment.”
-The Channel