Today is my big brother’s birthday.


He has been my light, my port-in-the-storm, my inspiration, my guidance. Through years of family upheaval, Bruzzy and PeeWee helped each other find the good, the positive, and the love. When I was selected to run for Homecoming Queen in high school, I was rather despondent about my chances against the more popular girls. Denny took me aside, and told me gently, “You have been a friend to the many, DeeDee, and just remember, there are a lot more little people in the world than big people.” It was his way of saying to be open to all the possibilities the world could bring through love. I won. He got me through my father’s suicide with strength and support. When I was down to my last five dollars in New York, he loaned me $1000 to keep going.  The next week, I booked my first national commercial.


In other words, he has always been there, surrounding me in love and urging me to live my truth and my dreams. The first spiritual book I read was The Prophet, given to me by my big brother.  It changed my whole perspective.


And now, it is my time to be there unconditionally for him with calls, and surprises, and goodies and as much love as can travel over miles and airwaves. The connection of the Bruzzy and the Pee Wee will only grow stronger, and the love will reach out over the galaxies to be returned to us tenfold. I love you, Denny. Thanks for being You. I celebrate the day you were born.




“The family is the first essential cell of human society”
 -Pope John XXIII