I have been musing over the wonderfulness of my Executive Producer on my last project. As you know, we were shooting right after the Hurricane Ida and the devastation was enormous. He and his family lived in Louisiana, and he had strong ties to his community there. Two days into shooting his movie, he began organizing relief efforts for the community he loves. I witnessed him spending hours on the computer, raising money and products for his relief effort. He accumulated 2 pallets of water, 500 quarts of ice, 150 pounds of food (pulled pork, brisket, sausage), 600 diapers, 300 tampons, flashlights, batteries, dog food, snacks, baby food, disinfectant supplies, contractor bags, 100 gallons of gas and 100 gallons of diesel fuel. One man with a desire to help and love. And the people who loved him who came to help. And his lovely wife, Rebecca who runs the organization I’ve linked below.


He brought friends on to the shoot to give them work. He gave up his house in town to a family who had to escape the damage. In this world where so many focus on greed and a lack of integrity, he is a light in the darkness. And he has so damn much fun doing it. He experienced a life-changing event in his personal life, and learned what we teach in this community: self-love. And he is the epitome of sharing that love with the others. Love yourself so much that you can’t do anything but love yourself more. And then share it with the world. Everyone wins.


Please contribute what you can to Give Louisiana Love at www.givelouisianalove.org




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